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Hytronik push-type trailing edge dimmer (switch-dim)

Compatibility is always the most common problem between dimmers and drivers, so is the dimming performance.

In this trailing edge dimmer, we use digital dimming circuit Switch-Dim instead of the traditional phase cutting method, hence the dimming performance is greatly improved. Flicker–free and smooth dimming curve.

The employment of potentiometer enables enduser to adjust the min. dimming level, so that the dimmer could Ft well to different types of loads, various wattages, and compensate the tolerence among the loads in the same group.

• On/off control: short push (<1s) on the switch. • Stepless dimming: long push (>1s) on the switch.
• For Fine tuning of light level: with every other long push, the light level goes to the opposite direction.
• Built–in with permanent memory: light returns to the previous dimming level when switched off and on
again, even at power failure.

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